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A2 Hosting vs. SiteGround: Reddit Posts & Comparisons

In the course of our research on web hosting, we’ve constantly used Reddit user reviews as a key data point. Both A2 Hosting and SiteGround come up repeatedly on Reddit, as users seem to love both of these web hosts.

However, we have also realized that users are hungry to compare A2 and SiteGround directly. There are plenty of Redditor conversations about this topic — mainly newbie website owners trying to understand which one offers better value, better speed, and better security. In this article, we will collate the most informational posts that deal with this comparison.

Below, please find our unbiased meta-analysis of discussions that compare A2 Hosting vs. Siteground on Reddit.

Short On Time? Here are the key points
  • Reddit comments appear to prefer A2 Hosting over SiteGround.
  • A2’s free tools outperform the same tools from SiteGround (esp. the LiteSpeed Caching Plugin)
  • Many users comment that SiteGround throttles customers’ websites

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Overview of A2 Hosting and SiteGround

Before we cover the Reddit conversation about A2 and Siteground, we should briefly discuss who these web hosts are and what they do.

A2 Hosting

A2 is a popular web hosting provider that offers a wide range of web hosting services. They were founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2003. Their services range from Shared hosting, to VPS hosting, to Reseller hosting, to Cloud and Dedicated hosting. This array of hosting options covers all potential needs of webmasters, whether they are true “newbies” or multi-decade web dev veterans. Indeed, whether you are building a personal blog, running a web development reseller business, or running a website with a massive amount of traffic, A2 Hosting has got an offering for you. If you’re interested in learning more about A2, we recommend reading our A2 Hosting Reddit Review & Deep Dive.

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is another web hosting provider with a huge footprint. Founded in Bulgaria in 2004, SiteGround claims to be the web hosting choice for over 2 million websites. Like A2, they offer a range of hosting products (Shared, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated, and Cloud).

There’s plenty to like about SiteGround. They’ve got bottom-barrel pricing (their Shared plans are among the cheapest you can find) and deep integrations across all Content Management Frameworks (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, and more).

With this brief review covered, let’s take a look at what you came here to see:

 What do Reddit users think about A2 Hosting vs. SiteGround? 

Pros/Cons According to Reddit

A2 Hosting

  • Reddit users call out their excellent server speed and service
  • Unique money-back guarantee (get full refund on 24-36 month plans, minus what you already used)
  • Litespeed Cache plugin outperforms SiteGround Caching
  • Users appreciate the added value of free SSL certificates
  • Some posts quote a 2019 malware attack as a black eye for the company

SiteGround Hosting

  • Like A2, they have a 99.99% uptime guarantee with promises of free service if it dips below that
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Official WordPress partner
  • Free SSL certificates are a plus
  • Notorious for “nuking”/suspending websites for having too much traffic
  • Trouble with renewing SSL certificates
  • Price hikes in the past year have irked some customers

A2 Hosting vs. SiteGround Reddit Comments

Below, we will dive into various Reddit posts where users are directly comparing A2 Hosting and SiteGround against each other.

Reddit Comment #1

To start, here’s a representative example of what most A2 Hosting vs. SiteGround Reddit threads look like. The discussion always starts with a Redditor who is (1) unsatisfied with their current host and is choosing between A2/SG, or (2) is about to launch a new website and likes what A2 and SiteGround have to offer:

Screenshot of Reddit user asking which is better, SiteGround or A2?

This user has been with another hosting provider, 1&1, and isn’t willing to pay extra for SSL. Why would anyone do that, with so many hosting providers now offering it free of charge?

Appropriately, this Redditor has found A2 and SG because they offer free SSL through Let’s Encrypt. That is just one of the great benefits of using these two partners – you end up saving money on SSL costs.

It’s also interesting that he calls out the infamous EIG, so let’s double click on that briefly. EIG stands for Endurance International Group, a mega-brand that controls more than 60 web hosting brands, including BlueHost, iPage, HostGator, and more. This web hosting holding company has a pretty shady business model – they just own a ton of market share, offer poor service, and when customers leave one brand, they end up signing up for another EIG brand.

Thankfully, neither A2 Hosting nor SiteGround are EIG brands.

Reddit Comment #2

This user gives his 2 cents about A2 vs. SG. In his opinion, as a casual web dev running small personal websites, he prefers A2. Although he doesn’t share any information about SiteGround — likely because he hasn’t used it — he does say that A2’s service and speed have been a breath of fresh air from his old host.

Screenshot of user suggesting A2 is better than SiteGround

It’s kind of funny that he doesn’t think his opinion matters because he’s a casual web dev. In reality, I think he’s sharing a viewpoint that will resonate with most readers of this article.

Reddit Comment #3

Metsmetsmetsmets seems to have experience with both A2 and SG:

Screenshot of user describing how SiteGround throttles CPU usage

Reddit Comment #4

Weblicious provides a lot of information to chew on:

User directly comparing A2 Hosting and SiteGround on Reddit

They don’t mince words in their feedback, and this is exactly why we love going to Reddit to learn product comparisons. Their feedback can be broken down into 4 main bullet points:

  • They believe SiteGround has various throttles for websites that become too demanding, while A2 Hosting has no such throttles.
  • They’ve had bad experiences renewing SiteGround SSL Certificates
  • They’ve gotten a bad taste in their mouth from SiteGround price hikes
  • They feel generally more positive about A2 Hosting (aside from the throttling question, he doesn’t go too deep into this)

Reddit Comment #5

The below user commented in a SiteGround vs. A2 Hosting Reddit thread on r/Webhosting. They were the only person on the thread who could comment deeply about both services – and boy, did they deliver a punch!

Screenshot of Reddit user describing his experience with SiteGround suspending his sites for exceeding traffic limits

They make some great, detailed points in A2’s favor. First, he mentions the A2’s LiteSpeed Caching Plugin seems to outperform SiteGround’s parallel offering. They mention something else that is very troubling – the notion that SiteGround is sniping their own customers’ websites for being too demanding. What is a webmaster supposed to do if their website suddenly goes viral? According to SiteGround, they would just kill the site – pretty depressing if you ask me. This really limits your upside if you’re running a small site on their hosting and hope to grow someday.

Interestingly, the OP replies to this user’s comment basically verifying that they’ve heard the same thing!

Parting Words

Based on our extensive research, it is clear that Reddit users prefer A2 Hosting over SiteGround. By far, the worst feedback against SiteGround ended up being the fact that SiteGround does very aggressive throttling of their customers’ sites. In all of our hosting research reviews, we have never heard of web hosts basically nuking their own customers’ sites, but that appears to be the case with SG.

In comparison, A2 appears to get sterling marks for speed, great customer service, and high-performance tools like their Litespeed Caching Plugin.

The Reddit comments we reviewed above tell a clear picture that A2 is better than SG. Let us know what you think in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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