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The #1 Airbnb Coupon Reddit Users Adore (Plus 9 More)

We spent many hours researching to find the Airbnb Coupon Reddit users love most.

Reddit users are among the most tech-savvy, practical, and intelligent people on the internet. That means Reddit’s Airbnb promo codes are likely to be the best available anywhere. Indeed, we started Reviewddit because, at the end of the day, Reddit truly is one of the best places to find promo codes, see real product reviews, and more.

In this article, we will share several Airbnb Promo Codes Reddit users love. We’ll also provide some details about exactly what is included with each promo code, how to redeem promos, where to find Airbnb discussions on Reddit, and more!

🏆 The #1 Airbnb Coupon Reddit Users Love

Out of all the promo codes we tried, the #1 Airbnb Reddit Coupon Code has to be their new user promoThis offer has a whopping $65 of free credit on a user’s first booking!

Promo Code Details & Redemption

 Here is the link to claim your $65 free credit offer for Airbnb! 

So how does this $65 promo code work? The terms are fairly simple:

  • $65 in total Airbnb credit for new users
  • $50 of that credit can be redeemed against a nightly booking
  • $15 of the credit can be redeemed for Airbnb Experiences

When you click on the link, you’ll be taken to the following page:

Screenshot of Airbnb Promo Code Redemption & Terms Page

First, click on the red “Claim your credit” button.

Then, you’ll see a form appear asking for some information like your name, birthdate, email address, and more. Fill out your personal information to complete your account creation.

Screenshot of the Airbnb new user sign-up form to fill out and claim your new user promo code

After you do that, you’ll need to confirm your account by clicking on the link they send to your email.

Then, your new user promo code will be active in your account! Yay!

Now’s the fun part – find an Airbnb or Experience that speaks to you and book it! You’ll see your promo code deductions on your “check-out” page.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide

To get your $65 in free Airbnb credit, follow these steps:

  1. Click this link. (If you don’t use this link, you won’t get the Reddit Airbnb Promo Code)
  2. Sign up with your email address.
  3. Follow the sign-up prompts.
  4. Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email they sent you.
  5. Your $65 in promo value should be automatically applied within your account!
  6. Book your first stay or experience.
  7. At checkout, you should see your promo code automatically kick in. Deductions will be visible in the itemized bill prior to clicking “Purchase”.
  8. All done! That wasn’t so bad, right? Time to get packing 😊

Now that you’re a master at using Reddit Airbnb Promo Codes, don’t be afraid to ask Redditors about their favorite picks at your destination. There are subreddits for just about every place on Earth, with tons of users who are happy to help you!

9 More Airbnb Promo Codes Reddit Users Like

Reddit Airbnb Coupon Code / Promo Codes Code

🏆🏆 $65 off your FIRST Airbnb ($50 off a stay, $15 off experiences) 🏆🏆

Get $38 off your Airbnb nicolen8819
Save up to $55 on your Airbnb danaa3018
$40 off your Airbnb stay SXl0xWUCJU or juliep21521
Use this code to save $50 vincentl10058
Save $40 off your first Airbnb booking bsilberberg1
Take $50 off an Experience cross627
Get $30 off your next Airbnb trip rehabk102
Save $15 off an Airbnb stay gIoB5FX5xO
Get $20 off your first Airbnb Reddit trip vanessag2326

Do Reddit Users Like Airbnb?

Airbnb’s revolutionary platform helps people to live like a local – by staying in their homes while you’re traveling! Airbnb’s whole thesis is that travelers should be able to book stays in houses, apartments, and even eco-domes, rather than staying in a hotel or hostel.

According to Reddit users, Airbnb makes booking travel lodging super easy, fast, and cheap. And using one of Reddit’s Airbnb promo codes means getting an amazing deal, like your own entire apartment in Mexico City for only $20.

There are tons of benefits to booking Airbnbs versus hotels. Because they are owned by real people, Airbnbs have a lot more local flavor than a stuffy hotel would. You’ll end up feeling much more like a local because you’re literally living as locals do. And that means local prices!

One Redditor had this to say about Airbnbs:

Screenshot of Reddit user explaining their preference for booking Airbnbs vs. hotels

Golfzerodelta’s comments support the argument that Airbnbs really do help Reddit users feel like locals rather than tourists. By booking an Airbnb, you get the added value of a local person to get tips from. You also get more privacy than hostels and hotels, with an excellent price tag (especially if you use Reddit’s favorite Airbnb promo code).

Screenshot of Reddit user comparing Airbnbs to hostels and hotels

This user also loves Airbnbs and has used the service in more than 12 countries!

Types of Airbnb Promo Codes On Reddit

When people think about Airbnb, 99% will immediately point out the “Stays” part of their platform, through which you can book a local apartment or house to stay in. However, there is a new offering called Airbnb Experiences which is centered around activities, tours, and classes. As a result, there are now two types of Airbnb coupon codes Reddit likes – one for Stays, and one for Experiences.

Coupons for Stays

Without a doubt, the most common promo coupon you’ll find on Reddit is for “Stays”. These offers give users a discount on Airbnb lodging, which is the most popular part of Airbnb’s platform. There are many types of “Stays” coupons – some provide a variable discount based on percentage, while others offer a fixed dollar amount.

The most popular Airbnb coupons on Reddit are link-based; a user clicks a link and signs up. There are also promo codes that Airbnb releases from time to time. One example promo code Airbnb offered me was a “first business stay” code for $50 off. Pretty sweet!

Coupons for Experiences

Experiences are an up-and-coming part of Airbnb’s offering. As a result, there simply aren’t many of these coupons out there. Typically, like the promo offer we linked above, the offer will provide a split benefit across a Stay and an Experience. Still, these coupons are exciting because you can redeem them for guided tours, cooking classes, hiking groups, and more!

Where to Discuss Airbnb Promo Codes on Reddit

Lots of people may find Reddit to be a confusing website, but it’s actually fairly straightforward.

Reddit is split up into various discussion boards called “Subreddits”. There are tons of Subreddits where Reddit users discuss Airbnb coupon codes. In fact, there is even a dedicated Airbnb subreddit!

Below, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite subreddits to find your Reddit Airbnb Sign-up Bonus.

Airbnb Coupon Subreddits

  • r/Airbnb: This is the #1 spot on Reddit to discuss Airbnb and Airbnb promo codes. Here, users discuss various topics about their favorite stays, tips for booking the best apartment, and Airbnb in specific cities.
  • r/AirbnbCodes: Here, many Reddit users spam their personal referral code for Airbnb. We don’t recommend this subreddit but include it for completeness.

That’s the list of places to find Reddit Airbnb Codes. We will keep updating this post to include new subreddits too.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

💭 Can I post my Airbnb coupon code on Reddit, too?

Of all the promo codes we shared, most come directly from Reddit users. Indeed, you can even see people’s names featured in the promo codes themselves. If you’re an existing Airbnb user and you use Reddit a lot, we’ll help you set up your own code to share with users! It’s super easy, and if you get people to use your code, you’ll get credits to subsidize your travel in the future!

Simply go to Airbnb’s website here to set up your own code. Then, take that code and post it on Reddit, Facebook, Quora, and other platforms.

All the codes and links you’ll see here and on Reddit were created by regular Airbnb users. You’ll even notice that many of the codes on our list have the person’s name as part of the code. The great thing is that you can easily do this too and get substantial credit to your account if people use your code or link.

With only a few minutes of effort, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars in free Airbnb credit!

💵 How much does Airbnb cost?

Airbnb prices vary depending on the Stay or Experience you choose.

If you stay somewhere like San Francisco, you might have to pay in the range of $50-$200 per night. But if you stay somewhere like Sayulita, Mexico, your nightly cost could be below $30!

Click the accordion below to see some example Airbnb per-night prices in different locations:

Airbnb Price in Sayulita, MX
Airbnb price for a room in Sayulita, Mexico
Airbnb Price in San Francisco, CA
Airbnb price in San Francisco
Airbnb Price in Tel Aviv, Israel
Airbnb price for a room in Tel Aviv

📈 How popular are Airbnb Coupons among Redditors?

Reddit discussions about Airbnb coupons have been getting hotter each year. There are many permutations of how people talk about Airbnb codes on Reddit (calling them promo codes, coupon codes, coupons, etc). As a result, it made more sense for us to pull the mentions of “Airbnb” on Reddit to build the chart below:

Based on the data, Airbnb is increasingly popular on Reddit. We can assume Airbnb coupon code Reddit discussions are following the same trend.

✈️ Do Reddit’s Airbnb promo codes work anywhere in the world?

Short answer: Yes.

Reddit’s Airbnb promo codes, especially the #1 code we shared above, can be used for a stay in any country where Airbnb operates!

❓What is Reddit?

Reddit is an app- and web-based social networking and content site. This website is one of the top 10 most popular sites in the world today. Users of the site are called Redditors, and they go on the site to chat about basically any topic you can think of.

That sounds like a broad scope for just one site, right? To organize all of these discussions, Reddit splits the website into mini discussion boards known as “Subreddits”. These discussion boards are dedicated to specific topics (for example, the Airbnb Subreddit we linked above). There are self-appointed moderators who police and review discussions on each subreddit to keep it civil and on-topic.

The website is completely user-driven, with users generating the site’s content. Users can go on Reddit to post news stories, share their opinions, and post images, among others. Users can also upvote/downvote posts, which is basically Reddit’s system of scoring the quality of content on the site.

The Bottom Line

Reddit is a great place to find Airbnb coupons. Users love Airbnb because it is cheaper than hotels yet more private than hostels. While we have shared many Airbnb promo codes from Reddit, our favorite has to be the $65 free credit ($50 off Stays, $15 off Experiences).

We hope that this article has helped you find the absolute best Airbrnb promo or sign-up bonus for your needs!

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