About Us

Hello! We’re Reviewddit.

We are an independent digital blog that launched in 2020 with one goal: to make our obsession with Reddit useful for others. Each week, our team of Redditors sifts through thousands of posts across hundreds of subreddits to become product experts. We then distill our research into easy-to-read articles on your behalf to save you time and help you make the best purchase decision.

Indeed, we started this blog because we understand the value that Reddit can have for people preparing to purchase something — but extracting that value is incredibly time-consuming. Whenever I am looking for a new product, I always read discussions about that product on Reddit. I do this because Reddit posts are uniquely candid and information-rich. Users on the site have strong opinions and are often experts in their field. However, by the time I feel ready to purchase that laptop or hammock, I’ve spent 12+ hours reading Reddit posts!

Parsing through dozens of threads to find the information you need — those golden nuggets of insight — can be hugely time-consuming. So let us do it for you! Welcome to Reviewddit 🙂

Our Experts